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The work and dedication of charitable groups is what helps our society become a better place. They enthusiastically contribute to communities and make an important difference to where we live, work, and play.

The Honda Canada Foundation was created to lend a hand to those registered charities that work to make valuable contributions to Canadians. We greatly admire the generosity of spirit and time that charitable groups display - and want to help them meet the challenges they face.

Our focus on communities is reflected in the Foundation logo. Each red arrow represents the three communities the Foundation reaches out to: education, environment, and engineering. The fourth arrow shows the connection of the Honda Canada Foundation as a contributor to these three communities.

Thank you for considering the Honda Canada Foundation.

Learn How to Apply for a Grant from The Honda Canada Foundation.

We have tried to make the application process as easy as possible, so all applications are entered on the same on-line information screen. As your application is reviewed it will be forwarded to the Honda Canada organization that will best fit your request.